The Hollywood actress Joan Crawford once said: ‘care for your clothes like the good friends they are’ and we could not agree more. Cherish and care for your clothing as you do for your friends. We have collected some tips on how you can remain besties.

1) Learn how to fix your favorite pieces when they need that little bit of patching up. Got a hole in that favorite sweater? Or is it starting to wool up? Look up our tips on how to extend the life of your favorite pieces by sewing new buttons on, fixing holes and shaving the pills off with a fabric shaver.  2) Pass on the joy to someone who needs them. Donate your clothes to your family, friends or charity. Give them the feeling you got when you saw your new piece for the first time.  3) Allow your clothes to find new friends. Bring your clothes to a second-hand shop or place them online on platforms such as Vinted and give them a new friend. Sometimes you can even swap them.  4) Revive your clothing, while keeping the earth alive! Drop your clothes in a textile recycling bin so they can start a new life. You’ll never know, just maybe your sweater might turn out to be your favourite t-shirt of the next season.